RO Purification Technology

Filteration Process

Stage-1 10" 5mic Sediment P.P. filter removes physical impurities from raw water like dust, rust & mud etc.
Stage-2 10" GAC (Granual activeted carbon) removes chemical impurities from row wate like dissolved gases, colour & bad test.
Stage-3 10" CTO (Carbon block filter) removes chlorine & organic matters.
Stage-4 water is forced with the help of booster pump through a semi permeable memnrane (Pore size 0.0001 mic.) This rejects a high percentage of all dissolved solids salts, including sodium, metal & remov bacteria and viruses. The impurities are literally separted from water molecules and flushed down to sink.
Stage-5 Post carbon filter and polisher that improves the test of the water.